Pepper Pratt, Ph.D. LPC/MHSP

Pepper has been counseling in the West-Tennessee area for over twenty-five years.  He is currently the Executive Director at Youth Town of Tennessee and a partner at Neurohealth Solutions.  He is trained and experienced in helping people battle depression through cognitive-behavioral therapy.  Pepper is also trained to help in trauma resolution through EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and extensive training in Narrative Therapy.  Pratt approaches counseling through a Christian world-view and believes that all human beings are physiological, psychological and spiritual beings.  Depression, especially, involves all three.  Many people of faith suffer needlessly because they often associate depression as a spiritual condition only.  If this were true, then prayer and basic discipleship would always work.  However, depression is more than just a spiritual condition.  Depression also involves patterns of thought that were learned and need to be "taken captive" and replaced with truth.  Those who suffer from depression also suffer physiologically.  Sometimes the malfunction of brain chemicals cause depression.  At other times depression causes the malfunction of brain chemicals.  Either way, the physiological needs must be addressed.  Sometimes proper medication or other interventions (such as medication free TMS) frees one up to engage in life-changing therapy and/or discipleship.  Pratt believes that anyone can get better and return to normalcy and abundance in their lives.

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