Before you come

1.  Please make sure you download, print and complete the documents to the right (Assessment Forms 1 and 2 and Basic Info for 1st Visit) and bring them in with you when you come.  It will save you time in the waiting room!


2.  Be sure to watch the TMS videos on this website.  It doesn't take long and you will be exposed to some of the tools we may possibly recommend to help you with your depression.


3.  It is very important to bring a loved one with you when you come.  This person could be your mate, another family member, significant other or trusted friend.  We would very much like the opportunity to hear from this person and have the opportunity to educate him/her about the options for treating your depression.

Congratulations in making a choice to get better!  The step you are taking for a consultation with Neurohealth Solutions is an indication that things are beginning to change.  Please take a few moments to follow the instructions on this page in order to make the most of our time together.​

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