Depression is a treatable and curable disorder of the brain.  For many, constantly fighting depression is exhausting, especially when antidepressants do not seem to work anymore.


At Neurohealth Solutions we help you get your life back when medicine has failed. Through TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation), we help your brain communicate with itself properly so depression is possibly cured.

It is not invasive, safe and has almost zero side effects. Using a magnetic (MRI-type) technology, TMS patients drive themselves to treatments and go on with the rest of their day.  


How to Know if I Need Help


If you scored above a 15 on the online screening instrument to the right, your medicines

are not working or you are having intolerable side effects from medicines, you

may be a candidate for TMS.  If this treatment is a fit for you, we can help you

get your life back.  We are experts on depression and anxiety and will go to

the necessary lengths to get you well.  




Here's how we can help:

Comprehensive Assessment-medical, psychological, family, nutrition, exercise, spirituality, sleep and leisure are all factors in complete health.  We will screen and assess each of these areas to determine your needs and our recommended interventions.

Traditional Psychotherapy-our counseling staff can provide psychotherapy and family therapy to help restore healthy thinking and a help you develop a strategy for living life to the fullest.  We have found that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy  pairs with the physiological healing that TMS brings to offer the opportunity to get well and coping strategies for staying well.

TMS-What is TMS?  TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) therapy uses a highly focused magnetic field to stimulate nerve cells in the part of the brain that controls mood.  TMS Therapy is performed outpatient in our office under the supervision of the psychiatrist.  During the procedure, you remain fully awake and alert and you may continue with your daily activities immediately.  TMS Therapy usually consists of five treatments per week for approximately six weeks with each treatment lasting approximately 40 minutes.  ​


Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and Emory Medical Center are finding amazing results with TMS.  It is a safe, effective and medically researched solution to individuals who have struggled with depression with undesirable side effects from their medications and who have received little help.

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